Antelope Canyon Sunbeam

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A brightly lit region within Antelope Canyon.アンテロープ・キャニオン探検ツアー


Duration: 10 hours
Starting from:
Grand Canyonサウス・リム発
Beam of light shining down into Antelope CanyonAntelope Canyon with River Rafting

遊覧飛行機はGrand Canyonイースト・リムを含む、素晴らしい景観の上空を飛びアリゾナ州ペイジに向かいます。到着後、いよいよ1日がかりの冒険が始まります。神秘的なアンテロープ・キャニオンを見学してから、ラフトに乗りGlen Canyonを滑らかに下ります。

Duration: 12 hours
Starting from:
Leaving from Page, Arizona
Member of the Dine tribe in stunning Antelope CanyonAntelope Canyon with Horseshoe Bend Air Tour

Soar above Horseshoe Bend and take in the mystical sights of Antelope Canyon with this unique tour package. The airplane tour sets off above Lake Powell and its nearly 2000 miles of shoreline before overflying world famous Horseshoe Bend and, finally, adventuring through sandstone wonder of Antelope Canyon.

Duration: 2 hours
Starting from: