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Written By: Sabrina Taylor
July 21, 2018
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If you're reading this blog, you've more than likely already learned about the must-see attractions at the Grand Canyon National Park and the Grand Canyon West. If you haven't, take a look! There are so many sights to see, places to visit, and activities to experience throughout the Grand Canyon that it may seem impossible to get everything done. Our Must-See Guide is here to make your vacation planning as stress-free and convenient as possible. This part of the guide will help you manage a trip to the northern region of the Grand Canyon. Read on!


The North Canyon lies between the western and southern rims at a significantly higher elevation. Here the canyon landscape is much more rugged and undeveloped, blanketed with dense forestry and home to a rich variety of animal species. Here the weather can reach colder temperatures and snow is not uncommon in the winter months. Grand Canyon visitors in search of an outdoor adventure will find the North Canyon to be the perfect destination.


Bar 10 Ranch is a Western-style lodge nestled within northern wilderness near the Grand Canyon. The cozy accommodation boasts a hospitable staff capable of providing the ultimate Western experience. Plenty of outdoor activities are available to enjoy at Bar 10 - including horseback riding, hiking, volleyball, ping pong, skeet shooting, and even ATV tours. Probably the most exciting offerings at the ranch are the overnight accommodations. Aside from the dormitory-style rooms, Bar 10 also offers converted covered wagons available to spend the night outdoors. In fact, on mild nights many guests prefer to use sleeping bags on the deck so they can fall asleep under the stars.

Whitmore Canyon

Whitmore Canyon is a secluded region in the canyon lands offering amazing views of the Colorado River and surrounding stone walls. The easiest way to reach Whitmore Canyon is on board an ATV or off-roading vehicle!

Lake Mead Recreation Area

This nationally-protected recreation area boasts an incredible 1.5 million acres, offering a huge variety of scenery and outdoor activities. From the glimmering waters of Lake Mead to the ancient southwest mountains, there are endless possibilities for adventure. From hiking to boating, horsebacking riding, and even camping, the Lake Mead Recreation Area has something for every family.

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